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A rather short band version of "The Promise" - does definitely not sound as from 1978. Maybe a soundcheck or rehearsal or something. Is this performance listed in Brucebase ? As far as I know there's only three full band live performances of "The Promise", 1978/05/23, 2010/12/07 and 2012/04/01. Please give some more hints (-:


Rare Full Band version...

IEM recording... guessing from soundcheck (lack of audience applause)

Putting those 2 things together...

There is no circulating IEM of a full band version of The Promise.. but the likely hood of the 4/1/2012 Verizon Center, Washington, DC show being captured (and not circulating)... makes this my guess..

yup, it was the start of the tour and IEM recording was new technology (Shure PSM1000 IEM transmission with a Sennheiser 2000 Reciever) for the euros as it was only the US brethren that had graced us with these in the past. this was the first time it was tried out in the wild, Things obviously progressed once the craft was learnt

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Ok, I gotta vent a little bit about this. Some might disagree.

This seems like an unhealthy amount of gloating. Skipja?k posted clips on a Springsteen collectors board, where an unreleased show is like catnip. Nothing in there about plans for release, just a "hey I've got something cool, check it out, I'm so connected to ubers, let's all talk about it." It seems mean to me.

To make things worse, I don't get the sense that you're the taper. Just a dude that either got the recordings from somebody else, and now you're announcing it to a bunch of other collectors. Now that the "mystery" for Promise soundcheck is done, you post another one. Which is decidely a very average sounding IEM/AUD mix. Beyond gloating, what's the reasonable motivation for all this?

Personally, I have a bunch of unreleased stuff. I generally don't talk about it on here. I made an off-head remark at one point about some unreleased 2003 IEMs I had at one point, and several people asked me for copies. I don't really have issues with sharing, but I would want it mixed. It still remains unshared because nobody is willing to do the mixing of it. Generally speaking, I don't really talk about any of buried stuff in my closet on this board unless I have some sort of release plan, or if there's a general need to share the information (like soundcheck information).

Anyways, I made some assumptions (you're not the taper, you have no release plans, etc.). If any of those are incorrect, I'll eat my words and apologize. But all told, this seems a bit mean spirited attempt at taunting a bunch of collectors.

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I'm not bothered, I think its time stuff that people are sitting on gets out there. I've liberated my fair share of videos and some boots I recorded over the years from 99 to 2012 (not been to a show since 2012). If you read the video thread you will see that I'm trying to get others to liberate some stuff that's out there. If folks think I'm sitting on stuff and don't share well that's fine, I don't feel it been like that.

either way, all conversation is good as we need to share the love and passion of the music. Life is way too short.

I thought the guess the show was good-spirited, got people engaged on the board. happy to share the stuff that I recorded but anything that came in trade was always with the caveat of not to release as they were going to do it. however, I'm trying to tease them out of hiding and get the stuff out there. As a taper, I'm sure you appreciate the etiquette.

You may recall the first 1080p fan-shot bootleg was Copenhagen 2007 that I gave to Pete who mixed the audio source (as my camera audio was poor) and he released it as 'Fire Down Below'

anyway, back to the fun

Maybe the reason is they're not good enough quality at the time, but now stuff is thin on the ground than its time to get them out there. I've got shows I recorded that suffer issues and hence didn't take any priority. However Digital 8, MicroMV tapes still need transferring and the hard disks that some of the HD recordings are on could fail and be lost forever.

The only time I didn't share something was with a german taper called Olli? who for some reason I was pissed off with some weird reason that I've long since forgotten when he was after the Paris show. If he wants the source for another remix then get in touch.

Hopefully, some peeps can vouch for my openness in sharing and contributing to sharing (for free) the love over the years.

You're right. I do know that etiquette about not sharing stuff that came in a trade. I also know that if I gave a recording to somebody with the understanding of no release that I would be pissed if that person was sharing clips and talking it up. I would likely never give that person another recording again, and would probably tell other folks (effectively blackballing them).

So no, I don't really think it's good-spirited. If you wanted to get it released, just work out something with the tapers and be straight-forward with them. Playing games online with somebody else's recording doesn't seem smart to me.

I don't think past history of releasing video has any relevance to the gloating on this thread. I've released a bunch of recordings, but if I did the same thing, folks could and would rightfully accuse me of taunting.

I have absolutely no interest in these 2012 IEMs. I have a bunch of my own and others from that tour that I haven't touched or mixed. But I'm just calling a spade a spade--these posts seem to be taunting/gloating on a collector board. Your follow-up arguments seem somewhat disingenous to me; this would not be a good method to try to convince a taper to release recordings.

At the end of the day, it's not my recording and not my message board, so you do you. I just have no problem calling this line of posting to be rather mean sprited.

I have no recollection of sending these (or anything else "unreleased") to Skipjack, but apparently I did (lol). I have no objection to him posting them. I never taped with the intention of private trading, anything that was good enough quality to "release" has been "released" already. As Hoserama correctly pointed out, both these tracks sound like crap hence they have remained "unreleased".

All my original recordings got lost in 2019, when a hard drive that I had affectionately labelled "bootleg projects" catastrophically failed. I thought I had backups, but it turned out I did not. I was saddened for sentimental reasons - I enjoyed my summers of carefree teenage experimentation tremendously, and occasionally liked to revisit the recordings for nostalgic purposes - but from a quality standpoint almost all of it was hot garbage. Anything that turned out even slightly decent (mostly from 2013) was given to the old Swedish man with the long white hair, and, as far as I know, is now available to all. As the hard drive died, I also don't have any records of what even used to exist. But I'm pretty sure there was nothing else interesting. If Skipjack (or anyone else) has anything else that I sent him that he thinks is interesting, he can post whatever wherever and whenever.

Not that it matters, but I would like to slightly correct that the Seville soundcheck track was received with a Sennheiser receiver (a battered old G2 off eBay!) from a matching Sennhesier transmitter. Receiving a Shure transmission with a Sennheiser receiver has significant and distinctive sound flaws that are not present here. The CC release of Goteborg #2 is a case in point. In 2012 the Springsteen crew were using a mix of Sennheiser and Shure transmitters, while I had only a single Sennheiser receiver. Unfortunately, all the best mixed feeds were on the Shure transmitters. I spent 2012 randomly alternating around whatever few Sennheiser frequencies (and only one per show) I could find, none of them any good.

As I went along my travels I took whatever AUDs that came available online and cobbled together a few "mixes" with my £400 laptop, earbuds, and pirated Adobe Audition - purely to give myself something to do (and then listen to) on the many train journeys through europe. I guess that's what the "IEM/AUD Mix" of Save My Love (from Berlin) is. A first draft knocked up in half an hour or less by a clueless 19 year old while laying on the top bunk of a £25/night 10-person hostel dormitory somewhere in Spain. Am I setting the scene adequately here? Yeah man, I know it sounds like shit, that's why I didn't put it on the internet myself!

This is all ancient history of course. I write this lengthy post just to try to provide some context and explain that the recordings posted in this thread are not tablescraps from some big secret goldmine. The well that they came from is dry. They did not originate from an "uber", they originated from me - just a regular teenage nerd with no money, limited knowledge and an unhealthy desire for validation from strangers on the internet. No need for any angst after so many years

This was a fun trip down memory lane though - I haven't taped anything of any kind for years, on account of the fact that I now work professionally as a sound technician. After I get paid real-life money to wear my IEMs and Sennheiser receiver in a legitimate and non-criminal context for 12 hours a day, the impetus to go bootlegging on the weekend is diminished Still, living the dream, eh.

Oh, I do have one fun thing to contribute to the thread:
The Steve Van Zandt school of guitar playing! Cracks me up every time, I fucking love it...

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