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It's a time of ambivalence.

Looking forward to the two shows in San Siro I was lucky to catch tickets for.

Would think of visiting more shows. But if that means watching him comb his hair back one more time during the guitar feedback of Kitty...? That would mean two shows is enough this time.

Still... looking forward!!!

Between the ticket cash grab fiasco, the uninspired setlists and being a newish parent and having shifted financial and time priorities, I am rather unenthuiastic of this go around.

I saw one show last year and unless tickets fall in my lap I am not sure if Im going to participate in this leg.

When in Hollywood visit Universal Studios
(Ask for Babs)

Wow.  The crickets are pretty loud on this one.  I hope the chirping doesn’t wake the snoring masses waiting for pit tickets to drop to $65 plus a free large Coke with every purchase. 😵‍💫

Q2    (Not complainin’.  I am personally resting between ambivalence and a large, extensive yawn.)

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