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He had planned to hit the road throughout this year

Bruce Springsteen has promised fans a “big surprise” for 2021 and says he plans to hit the road with The E Street Band next year.

The Boss released his critically lauded 20th studio album ‘Letter To You’ last October and had planned to embark on a sprawling tour throughout 2021 with The E Street Band – their first trek since The River Tour in 2016 and 2017.

Unsurprisingly the planned 2021 tour has been thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic, however Springsteen says he still has some things up his sleeve for this year.

“I have some projects coming up this year that I won’t tell, because it’s gonna be a secret and then a big surprise,” Springsteen told Sirius XM. “But I do have things to keep me busy this year that I’ll be doing that should give the fans something to bide their time with, you know?”

Reflecting upon when he will tour, Springsteen says 2020 is looking viable: “That, to me, as far as what I know, and if things go as according to what Dr. Fauci is projecting … we’ll be out there and that might be 2022 somewhere in the new year of 2022.

“And I’m completely projecting because no one really knows but that’s what I think according to all the information that’s available.”

Featuring nine completely new Bruce Springsteen tracks together with a trio of previously unreleased songs from the 1970s )'Janey Needs a Shooter,' 'If I Was the Priest' and 'Song for Orphans’), ‘Letter To You’ became Bruce Springsteen’s 12th UK number one album when it was released last autumn.

The album was recorded completely live with the E Street Band over just five days at Springsteen’s home studio in New Jersey.


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Given the current virus situation I doubt if any tour will begin before Spring 2022 at the earliest.  Hopefully, by then the virus will be under control, everyone who needs a vaccine has received one, the storming of Capital Hill will be a distant bad memory and Trump will be facing charges on inciting to riot; the first of many criminal actions against him.  

So is it Tracks 2 (not really a surprise due to Bruce's comments on the 3 songs on Letter to You)?

Or a BITUSA boxset with the NFL films DVD with the electric Nebraska among the outtakes?

Or a real surprise that none of us know exists?

As for Trump, I hope New York gets him for tax evasion, which is much easier to prove in a court of law than all the other possible charges from inciting to riot to election tampering.


"I've done my best to live the right way"

Whatever it is... "Tracks 2" or "BITUSA Box Set" or "???" - I am looking forward to whatever release(s) is/are coming!

I was already excited last year when Max was quoted that he recorded drum tracks for about 40 songs.

Even if there are the occasional songs we will complain about here ("'Follow That Dream' sucks in the new recording... The bootleg version was far superior... He should have kept the original vocals", etc.) I think we shall all be very pleased to have "new" stuff to listen to. (And I shall love whichever version of "Follow That Dream" is finally released, old or new vocals.)

And now that Xmas time is over and "Do They Know It's Christmas" is scratched from my car playlist for the coming 11 months (This should suffice as prove that I don't know what I am talking about when it comes to taste in music)... I still listen to selected tracks of "Letter To You" every day. And totally love his Bleachers collaboration. Always a great moment when his voice is coming to the front in the mix of "Chinatown".

Happy new year everybody.

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