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Originally Posted By: BigRay5264
just buy an Oppo BDP-83 and be done with it



Do you have one of these? They are a bit pricey, Anything else on the market.

I was just looking for a Blue-Ray which has BD-Live and also plays NTSC/PAL. Found this one:
JVC Blue Ray Multi Region

bit pricey for me as well...I am using my HTPC for now

have only heard good things though...except it doesn't stream Netflix

that JVC looks nice as long as you don't ever get Region B or C Blu-Ray discs ...but how likely is that?
i just found out that nero vision (part of the nero 9 suite) can convert pal to is a little time consuming but i am now watching udine on my ntsc blu ray player...just saw myself hand a sign request to our hero...also nero will decode flacs



just stand back and let it all be

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