I've listened to a couple of volumes from the "Lost Masters" series the other day. I'm so glad that this stuff is available but a question came to my mind:


Who has leaked all those outtakes and why hasn't Bruce Inc. try to stop the commercial distribution of this? 


I mean there are tons of outtakes available up to BITUSA and I don't think that he or at least JLM didn't know about it. Keeping in mind that Bruce is such a control freak over the rights of his music it's hard to understand why they didn't take actions against it.   


So has anyone more details on the leakage of this stuff?


where did it all go wrong?

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Rumor had it that it was a roadie/guitar tech who sued Bruce and Co. over overtime & wages, Mike Batlan. During the suit Bruce made allegations that Batlan had stolen tapes from him.  About 5 years after the lawsuit was settled the Lost Masters appeared.


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