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3 shows sold out in seconds a year ago and now there's lot of (resale) tickets up for grabs for regular price.

For the 24th. it looks like this:


Could it be that not everybody wanna spend a week there listining to the same 28 songs 3 shows in a row?


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@Stampe posted:

Could it be that not everybody wanna spend a week there listining to the same 28 songs 3 shows in a row?

We had a similarly themed thread here a couple days ago.

I am still wondering what to do with my three tickets. I cannot get my flight refunded so I will fly in for at least one show.

But by now it is clear to all of us that Bruce is doing his thing. He knows he is getting enough admiration from main crowd for his set - and it is spectacular indeed.

Just because us 6000 nerds in the FOS expect him to shake up the setlist does not justify the extra work or the danger of diluting the shows "theme" to him. (Boss! Steve! Seriously? There are a lot of songs that are interchangeable in my opinion...)  Fine with me, but it leaves me with a difficult decision.

I only went to 2 arena shows on the first USA leg.  Mainly because I was pissed at Bruce over his lack of concern that we were shocked about his ticket pricing. Maybe Sting had a hand in that fiasco also?  No matter, I'm only attending one stadium show and that's just to see all my SPL buds that I miss and have a wonderful barbeque.  So... it's the last show at GS for us.

Normally, I'm cavorting all over the USA with my blood brother, Ed, seeing  20 shows or more.  I guess I picked the right tour to get my nose out of joint.


The SPL Rocks!

Pulled up to my house today
Came and took my little girl away!
Giants Stadium 8/28/03


In addition to the question of the setlists, this is also the first tour where Ticketmaster resale has been available, so it makes it very obvious when tickets are made available.  There was always tickets available at various forums and resale sites (both for face and higher) on previous tours as well.  Main difference was you couldn't see it on Ticketmaster.

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