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Widener College - Chester, PA, 1975

widely booted over the years, but a nice story told behind this version.


"Video from this show has been in circulation since the late 1970s (portions of the film footage are said to have been circulating among the Widener community as early as 1976) and the detail surrounding its origin has long been a source of speculation. For many years, the circulating quality of the footage was uniformly poor. However, portions of the video were shown in Springsteen TV documentaries in the '90s and the quality was significantly better than anything seen before. Since then, upgraded versions have made their way into DVD trading circles, but the quality still doesn't quite match up to what has been seen in documentaries. This has lent credence to a long-held rumour that this footage (far from emanating from a shadowy fan) may have been shot by Widener students involved in a film-making course and that there may have been some pre-arranged conditional approval to film the concert from the Springsteen camp. In truth, the two shooters, M and J, weren't students at all, but a couple of Springsteen fans, the father of one of which had purchased a Sony Portapak video recorder for use in his business. On a lark, the friends borrowed the camera and open-reel recorder and thought they would try their luck filming a show by their favourite musician, without permission. They only had enough tape and batteries to record a little over an hour, but shoot they did without incurring any unwanted attention from security or management. That clicking you hear in spots on the video is the pair shooting still photos, too, as they took turns holding up the relatively heavy video camera. The pair only ever shot one other artist before ending their careers as concert videographers. For years after the show the pair would thread up the video to show at parties and they eventually made a copy for the late WMMR DJ Ed Sciaky, from which it is presumed the circulating copies emanated. There has long been uncertainty about exactly which of the two Widener shows was filmed from the crowd. For some time it has been believed that the video was sourced from the second show (February 7), however recent comparison of the video and the newly discovered audio detailed in the February 7 listing has established that they are not sourced from the same concert. Further discussions with the filmer and the audio taper have confirmed without a doubt that the video was shot at the first show (February 6). The video is comprised of nine songs plus a very brief snippet from the introduction to "I Want You".

If you mean officially shot, here is a list of for sures:

1973-05-01 Los Angeles, CA [the full show!]

1973-11-00 New York City, NY [one of the shows at MKC)

1973-12-15 Garden City, NY

1974-07-14 New York City, NY

1975-07-23 Stockbridge, MA

1975-08-16 New York City, NY

1975-10-11 Red Bank, NJ

1975-10-18 West Hollywood, CA

1975-12-31 Philadelphia, PA

1976-08-07 Red Bank, NJ

1978-09-21 Passaic, NJ

1979-09-21 New York City, NY [the full show]

1979-09-22 New York City, NY [the full show]

1985-01-18 Greensboro, NC

1985-01-19 Greensboro, NC

1985-09-30 Los Angeles, CA

1985-10-02 Los Angeles, CA

1988-04-27 Los Angeles, CA

1988-06-28 Rotterdam, Netherlands

1988-07-09 Sheffield, England

1988-07-14 Basel, Switzerland [full show]

1988-07-19 East Berlin, Germany [circulates, but it is better in the vaults]

1988-07-25 Copenhagen, Denmark [full show]

1988-07-27 Oslo, Norway

1992-09-22 Los Angeles, CA [the full show, double takes and everything]

1993-05-22 Milton Keynes, England [the full show]

1993-05-28 Stockholm, Sweden [the full show]

1995-02-21 New York City, NY [full show]

1995-04-05 New York City, NY [full show in great quality]

1995-07-09 Berlin, Germany [full show in great quality]]

1995-09-02 Cleveland, Ohio [full show in great quality]

1996-11-08 Freehold, NJ

2000-06-27 New York City, NY {full show]

2000-06-29 New York City, NY [full show]

2000-07-01 New York City, NY [full show]


There are definitely more but these are for sure in a list I have compiled.

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