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The article listed below got me thinking, where better than here to get a realistic take on his Top Ten Songs?

Give us your feedback and let us know your TOP TEN?

10 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs of All Time

List of the Top 10 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs of All Time

3) "Dancing in the Dark" is iconic. It captures the essence of '80s pop-rock and is a fan favorite. Here's why it stands out:

  1. Catchy Hooks: It starts with a catchy synthesizer riff. This hook runs through the song, making it recognizable and memorable.
  2. Emotional Lyrics: The lyrics explore loneliness, longing, and hope. They resonate with listeners on an emotional level.
  3. Energetic Melody: It has an infectious and energizing melody. From the drumbeat to the guitar solos, it creates a powerful musical experience.
  4. MTV Video: The music video featuring Courteney Cox became a cultural phenomenon. It added visual appeal to the song.
  5. Chart Success: It reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its commercial success solidified its status.
  6. Live Performances: When performed live, it takes on a new level of energy. Springsteen's delivery and interaction with the audience makes each performance unique.

This classic continues to be celebrated by fans. It showcases Springsteen's talent as a songwriter and performer.

Fun Fact: "Dancing in the Dark" won Bruce Springsteen his first Grammy Award for Best Rock Vocal Performance.

4) Bruce Springsteen\'s "Born in the U.S.A." is an iconic anthem that reflects the battles and successes of the American working class. Its intense words and vibrant sound make it an awesome timeless classic.

Here are some facts about the song:

Release DateJune 4, 1984
SongwriterBruce Springsteen
AlbumBorn in the U.S.A.
Chart PerformanceReached No.9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

Plus, "Born in the U.S.A." has come to be a symbol of American pride and patriotism. Its electric guitar-driven tune and catchy chorus have connected with people across generations.

Pro Tip: To truly appreciate the intensity and strength of this song, crank it up to full volume and let yourself be taken away by its electrifying power.

5) "I'm on Fire" by Bruce Springsteen is an iconic song of haunting melody and captivating lyrics. It portrays raw emotion through powerful vocals and storytelling. This timeless classic has minimalistic yet intense instrumentation and heart-felt lyrics about longing and desire. It appeals to a wide audience with its emotionally charged sound. For optimal appreciation, take a moment to submerge yourself in the soulful soundscapes of this unforgettable song.

Warning: Listening to 'I'm on Fire' may result in spontaneous combustion, so be careful or have a fire extinguisher ready.'

6) "The River" is one of Bruce Springsteen's most notable songs.

Another of Bruce Springsteen's unforgettable masterpieces is "The River", with its lyrics that will leave you emotionally soaked and a melody that will linger. It captivates with its emotional lyrics and powerful storytelling. This timeless piece paints a vivid picture of the struggles faced by American blue-collar workers.

Let's delve into a table of true data relevant to it.

Release Date: October 17, 1980.

Album: The River.

Chart Performance: #35 (US Billboard Hot 100), #25 (UK Singles Chart).

This portrayal encapsulates the song's impact. It stands out due to its introspective lyrics. Springsteen expresses the raw emotions of young lovers facing unexpected challenges. He captures the yearning for a better life amidst adversity.

To appreciate "The River," indulge in these suggestions:

  1. Dive into the Lyrics.
  2. Follow Springsteen's Discography.
  3. Attend/Watch Live Performances.

Do this and gain insight into why it holds such a special place in Bruce Springsteen's repertoire.

7) Atlantic City: where the stakes are high, just like a Springsteen concert ticket resale price. 

Atlantic City is seventh on the list of the top ten greatest Bruce Springsteen songs. It captures the essence of the city it's named after. Its struggles and dreams come alive.

Let's take a closer look. Here's a table:

Year ReleasedAlbumPeak Position
1982NebraskaNo. 10

In 1982, Atlantic City was part of the album "Nebraska." It reached number ten on the charts. The track is hauntingly beautiful. It shows Springsteen's storytelling skill as he looks at themes of desperation, hope, and redemption.

Pro Tip: For the best experience, listen to Atlantic City while taking a night drive down a deserted road. You'll be transported to a different place.

And like Bruce Springsteen's voice lifting you up, 'The Rising' gives musical transcendence.

8) 'The Rising' is an unforgettable track! It's part of his 2002 album of the same name and has a duration of 4:50.

This song resonates deeply with listeners, thanks to Bruce's heartfelt lyrics and powerful performance.

It celebrates the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

For a full experience of its impact, listen attentively and allow yourself to be engulfed by Springsteen's emotion.

9) Glory Days may have gone by, yet this epic anthem keeps them alive with nostalgia and captivating saxophone solos. 

Every true Springsteen fan knows 'Glory Days' is a classic! It captures the bittersweet nostalgia of past successes and longing for the golden days. Let's dive in and explore why it still resonates with fans.

The song starts off with an interesting verse about a high school baseball star who is now stuck in a roadside bar, reliving his glory days. Then the unforgettable chorus jumps in, emphasizing how fleeting these glory days are.

The second verse reflects on Springsteen's own journey and shows his struggle to not dwell on the past. The bridge serves as a reflective moment for listeners to contemplate their own experiences.

Springsteen's passion and emotion make 'Glory Days' powerful. It's no wonder the song speaks to fans across generations. His ability to create a connection through music is what truly sets him apart.

The story behind 'Glory Days' is just as captivating! Legend has it that Springsteen drew inspiration from old friends in his hometown, chatting about time's changes. Those heartfelt conversations sparked the idea for the song!

And so, as we keep exploring Springsteen's iconic songs, 'Glory Days' stands out as a timeless anthem for anyone who ever yearned for their own glory days. Even though those days may pass, their impact will live on through songs like this one.

10) "Streets of Philadelphia" is a classic Bruce Springsteen song, and holds a significant position in the list of the top ten best Bruce Springsteen songs of all time. Here's a quick look at the track:

  • Album – Philadelphia Soundtrack
  • Year Released – 1994
  • Genre – Rock, Folk rock
  • Lyricist(s) – Bruce Springsteen
  • Length – 3:16 minutes

It gained wide attention when it featured in the movie "Philadelphia", tackling important issues such as HIV/AIDS and discrimination. Its meaningful lyrics and Springsteen's heartfelt delivery make it an outstanding song that still resonates with listeners.

If you haven't heard it yet, don't miss out on this soul-stirring masterpiece! Experience the emotional journey of "Streets of Philadelphia" and the incomparable artistry of Bruce Springsteen.


The SPL Rocks!

Pulled up to my house today
Came and took my little girl away!
Giants Stadium 8/28/03


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  • My Top Ten   ** These are my Top Ten, not my Favorite Ten.  See those lower in the thread.


The SPL Rocks!

Pulled up to my house today
Came and took my little girl away!
Giants Stadium 8/28/03


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The promise


None but the brave

Back in your arms

NYC serenade

The River

Thunder Road

If I should fall behind

The wish

Racing in the street

Order varies but The Promise stays the same. Some go and come.

Almost impossible to be totally accurate. He's got so many great ones.  Look at what's not on my current list;


  Dream baby dream

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Very difficult to commit to a list, but here no particular order, and as of today [maybe due to what i've been listening to]

1.  I'm a Rocker (loved this one from the minute i first heard it. Took me 32 years to listen live, but still love it)
2.  Prove It All Night (2nd song i ever saw live. What an impression)

3. Drive All Night
4. The River
5. Thunder Road
6. Badlands
7. Rosalita
8. Born To Run
9. Bobby Jean
10. TV Diner (Not a great song, or even a good one, but the feeling I got seeing it live was fantastic!)

[Tomorrow the list will change, but for today that'll do]


Someday's you're the statue, someday's the pigeon.

Now I did say your Top Ten which are not necessarily your Favorite Ten.

My Favorite Ten are:

1) Incident of 57th St

2) Drive All Night

3) Thunder Road

4) Tenth Ave Freeze-out

5) Highway Patrolman

6) Jungleland

8) Meeting Across The River

9) The Rising

10) Racing In The Street/Tougher Than The Rest *TIE


The SPL Rocks!

Pulled up to my house today
Came and took my little girl away!
Giants Stadium 8/28/03


Here the ten I picked today, which, no doubt, would change tomorrow.

1. Incident
2. New York City Serenade
3. Thunder Road
4. Backstreets
5. Darkness On the Edge of Town
6. Racing in the Street
7. The Promise
8. Atlantic City
9. Living Proof
10. My City of Ruins


"I've done my best to live the right way"

My Top 10... today!

1. WIESS album Side B

2. The River

3. Badlands, no... wait... The Promised Land! Both!

4. Born To Run. Or maybe Thunder Road!?! Both!!

5. Downbound Train, though it might actually be I'm Going Down. Both!!!

6. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.

7. Racing In The Street (only real with 4 minute Roy Solo!)

8. Prove It All Night (preferrable with '78 intro, though I never experienced that live myself)

9. Ghosts/I'll See You In My Dreams (cannot decide)

10. BITUSA Side B 1st Song (My Love Will Not Let You Down aka No Surrender)

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