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The Boss made a surprise cameo appearance in the latest episode of Larry David’s popular Max comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm, playing himself offering up some commentary on a fictional MSNBC show.

In the new episode, David gets released from jail, and discovers that he’s being touted by some as a hero for his actions.

When his friend Jeff Greene brings him to a house that he and wife Susie have rented in Atlanta, Larry walks in to find Susie watching MSNBC. Network hosts Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist are on the television praising David, with Geist noting that “political figures [and] celebrities [were] reacting to David’s brave stand.”

Democratic Georgia politician Stacey Abrams is then shown commending David, followed by Springsteen.

“Larry David took a big risk, he put his name and his body on the line!” the Boss declares. “Involvement. That’s Larry David’s middle name. Larry ‘Involvement’ David.”

Susie then comments to David, “You’re like a hero or something,” and Jeff exclaims, “Can you believe that?!”

David responds, comically, “This Larry David they’re talking about seems like quite a fellow.”

Throughout Curb Your Enthusiasm’s run. Of course, David portrays himself as a generally self-centered and insensitive character. The show’s current 12th season has been announced as its final one. New episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm premiere Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on the Max streaming service.

Most of Springsteen’s previous TV appearances were as a guest on various talk shows being interviewed or performing. However, he did make his TV acting debut as a character named Giuseppe on a 2014 episode of the Netflix series Lillyhammer, which starred his pal and longtime E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt.

In addition, Springsteen had a role as himself in the 2000 film Hi Fidelity. In the movie, the Boss appears in a fantasy sequence in which he gives John Cusack’s lead character some relationship advice.

As previously reported, Springsteen and the E Street Band will return to the road in March after the Boss canceled a slew of 2023 shows because he needed treatment for peptic ulcer disease.

The 2024 trek begins with a U.S. leg that kicks off March 19 in Phoenix, Arizona, and runs through an April 21 concert in Columbus, Ohio. The tour then will visit Europe in May, June, and July, before mounting a second U.S. leg in August and September. The Boss and company also have a fall tour of Canada lined up. Visit to check out his full itinerary.

Tickets for the concerts are available via a variety of outlets, including StubHub.

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