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Rare rehearsal footage from the David Letterman show in 1993 has surfaced on YouTube.

Audio starts at the 2min 17sec mark.


Description from YouTube:

To commemorate 50 million views on my You Tube channel, here's one of the rare ones, never seen in public.

Bruce Springsteen's appearance on the final LNwDL was a tightly-held secret. It had been given the code name "Project X." The idea may have first taken root the year before, on April 24, 1992, included at the beginning here.

The rehearsal audio kicks in after two minutes. The band first runs through "Glory Days." Then, off-mic, Bruce and Paul Shaffer plan their call-and-response section, followed by the band briefly working out their homage to "Louie Louie."

Bruce then walks over to David Sanborn to discuss his short solo, and the band practices that segment.

Chris Albers, Paul's music assistant (and best known on the show as "Dwight the Troubled Teen"), then introduces Bruce, and we hear the band's second pass, here in full. Afterwards, more discussion, again off-mic. Bruce checks out the top of Paul's organ and asks Paul if it can support his weight. Paul nods.

Subbing for Will Lee on bass was Francisco Centeno. Will had been touring at the time with saxophonist Sadao Watanabe in Japan. He had been given the ok after being told that Dave didn't want to make a big deal out of the last show. He learned later that it was.

Despite the lack of audio, based on both Francisco's and Sid McGinnis's hand movements, the end of the video shows the band rehearsing The Animals' "We Gotta Get Out of This Place," which they played as the last break music after the "Glory Days" broadcast. Bruce joins in, both during the rehearsal and show taping, which can be heard in full towards the end of this collection:

Finally, the broadcast version.

Great thanks to Anonymous for the video.


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