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UPLOADING torrents:

I want to share my private "tutoral" here, too. It is written for the purpose of uploading DVDs. The same process is basically valid for CD torrents, only different software needed for RIPPING.

Preparation by RIPPING with DVD Decrypter:
- Start the software,
- put the DVD into the DVD station,
- wait until you see all the files in the software, select the VIDEO_TS folder you are ripping to (that you have made on your system, as a subfolder under the DVD title main folder)
- click on the green disc icon to start ripping
- wait for the "successfully completed, 0 files skipped" window and click "OK".
Do the next disc, if any, in its respective VIDEO_TS folder.

More on DVD ripping: I recommend doing a test burning of the ripping, to see if all is fine. Sometimes a unneedy video_ts.vob files is produced, that causes a "file allocation failed" message when burning, and asking that "video_ts.vob" is not referenced and should not be present. If so, open Windows Explorer (well, if you are using Mac..) and remove - DON'T DELETE until you are sure it works - a VIDEO_TS file described as a "film file" or "movie file".
Move the file to the top torrent folder, above the folder for the disc, and try burning again, using the same discs.
After a successful burn, delete the useless VIDEO_TS file to keep it from getting included in the torrent.
Sure, you don't HAVE TO do this test burning, but isn't it nice to prevent any downloaders getting nervous/frustrated if THEY encounter the situation - and don't know how to deal with it??


* Make a MAIN folder that includes:
- the ripped disc files: you only need to rip DVD files, whereas for CDs you must make FLAC files of the ripped audio files.
Rip the video files into a subfolder named "VIDEO_TS".
- info file: tell downloaders what they will get!
- any artwork
- checksum files: md5 for DVDs and FFP for Flac audio files or md5 for all the files.
- and all else you may want to include for download.

FOLDER NAME - I recommend: Give the folder a name starting with the DATE, the TITLE and LOCATION (or just TITLE for compilations) and any characteristics of the product (like VERSION name). This is fine for Bruce-only Jungleland.

For a DIME torrent and other not-only-Bruce torrent sites ("trackers"), the ARTIST NAME must come first.

* Choose "create new torrent" (or something like that) somewhere in the FILE menu of your client.

* Choose the FOLDER you have made, and - in utorrent/ BitTorrent - click "Create and save".

* Once finished CREATING the file, save the torrent in - I recommend - the folder that the torrent folder is located in. NOT INSIDE the same folder you are making a torrent of, at least!

* Go to the UPLOAD section of a tracker like Jungleland.

* Type the name you want to give the torrent (or copy and paste the folder name). I recommend you start with the date. If on DIME, start with the artist name - like "Bruce Springsteen". No such name needed on J-land, of course, being all Bruce.

* Browse to select the torrent file itself

* Info file selected from the folder you made a torrent of, if you care.

* Description: You may just paste the info file into this field.
NB: It should include LINEAGE, that is, the source of the torrent to the best of your knowledge. For example: "Original silver CD -> ripped to Wav with Exact Audio Copy (secure mode, verify, align on sector boundaries) -> decoded to Flac (level 6) with Trader's Little Helper (TLH) -> torrent

* Jungleland: Choose the audio/dvd category & select DATE (unless it is a compilation)


* Watch out in the top of your browser window! You might get an alert asking you what to do with a file. Click and choose "OPEN" or "Save".

* Choose "OPEN" in the box that will pop up, and select the folder that contains the stuff you want to upload. Do "OK".

* Your download starts,and when you reach 100% the seeding starts! All you need to do is to wait for leechers...

Hope this helps you get started. If I have forgotten something, please post a reply.
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A SUPPLEMENT for those cases if you have trouble SEEDING the upload:

Have you began preps for download, by directing the torrent file to the folder you made it from? So that your client have stopped "checking" if your folder is identical to the torrent and the status is "seeding"?

If NOT, search for the torrent - including dead - and then click on the torrent as if you wanted to download. Do everything like you would do when you start a download.

If YES: Try EXIT the torrent client (do not merely close it by the upper right cross), and then start it again. That has done the trick for me many times, but I don't really know WHY!
The following is for the situation when you are not seeding whereas you planned to do so. Has your pc turned itself off or restarted during the night/ while you were away?
If yes:
- go to the OPTIONS menu in your torrent client and
- then PREFERENCES and
- check a box called something like "Start BitTorrent (your client name) on system startup". This way, if you leave your pc on seeding when you go to bed, it will resume seeding if the pc for some reason (automatic updates?) should have restarted.
Originally Posted by damien:

i`ve been trying to upload my first torrent for ages and keep getting this message. I know i`m missing something simple/fundamental but I cant figure out what it is.

 can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?

It would be useful if you could provide some background to your problem namely, a step-by-step explanation of what you actually did from creating the torrent to trying to upload it. If you prefer to do it offline send me a pm and I'll have a look at it.

cheers mando,

 ok, so i`ve got a portable harddrive with a bunch of folders in it.

 one of these folders is titled "2013 Belfast preshow.torrent".

 in the folder we have the 5 audio tracks encoded to flac, the md5 checksum file, the flac fingerprint file [both generated by traders little helper] and a text file.

I open up utorrent, click on "create new torrent" and generate the torrent file into the folder. the "source" box now has "F:\2013 belfast pre-show.torrent" in it and I have ticked the "start seeding" box.

 now, when I open up my list of torrents in utorrent, the first on the list is "2013 Belfast pre-show.torrent" and is shown to be seeding.


how we doing so far?


next, I open up the jungleland page and go to the upload page.

in the torrent title box, I type in "Belfast 2013 preshow".

for the next box, the torrent file box, I browse for the Belfast folder in my harddrive, click the folder [which opens] and the click on the torrent file in the folder. the box now reads "F:\2013 belfast pre-show.torrent\2013 belfast pre-show.torrent".

 then I fill in the info file box, the description box, the category box and the date section and click "upload torrent"


and I am informed that.......


Upload failed!

Invalid announce url! Must be


I'm sure it`s something simple and the sound on the recording is superb, by the way.

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When you create the .torrent file that URL must be part of it. I use Azureus not utorrent but it seems you have all the steps right except that one. I use TLH to create the .torrent file and one of the drop-downs in there is Tracker/Announce. You can manually enter the Jungleland URL if it isn't in one of the included ones.

Originally Posted by IvanNF:

When you create the .torrent file that URL must be part of it. I use Azureus not utorrent but it seems you have all the steps right except that one. I use TLH to create the .torrent file and one of the drop-downs in there is Tracker/Announce. You can manually enter the Jungleland URL if it isn't in one of the included ones.


I agree with Ivan. Best to create the .torrent file again specifying the Jungleland URL under Tracker/Announce.  

ok, I used traders little helper to generate yet another utorrent file, so there are now 3 utorrent files in the folder from different attempts. should I delete the older 2 files? the new file generated outside the folder so I moved it inside it, is this where it should be?

 jungleland informed me that my upload was a success. as I understand it, I have to download the torrent myself before it starts to seed. it has now been "connecting to peers" for 15 minutes. is this normal?

The .torrent file should NOT be inside the folder where you have what you're uploading. The .torrent file serves as a pointer to that folder for your torrent client. Put it back outside the folder, the parent folder is fine. Then click on the .torrent file you got from JL and point it at the folder where the files are. You may have to delete your last upload and start over.

ok, so I deleted the upload and reuploaded it and jungleland gave me this message


Torrent successfully uploaded!

Because this tracker is running in members only mode you'll need to download your personal torrent file before you can start seeding it! Please wait for the download to start within a few seconds. If the download does not start automatically, click here.


it`s now sitting there downloading, but still at 0%

I see it, but it has you as a leecher, not a seeder. In other words, when you click on the .torrent file you downloaded it has to be made to look into the folder where the files are. It's apparently looking inside a different folder for the files you are trying to upload. Don 'y use whatever default folder utorrent uses but where you have the files.


Are you using IE or Chrome?

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this is getting painful, ivan.

 i`m using IE and think I know what you are saying, but when I click on the utorrent file i`m not given any options to change anything. it just opens my utorrent page and gives me an option to load trackers.

 I tried copying the "Belfast" folder into the folder where all my downloaded torrents go but the utorrent file wont seem to copy across.

Doesn't IE give you the option to "save" the .torrent file? Save it in teh same place where you have the .torrent file that you made with TLH or utorrent. WShich should be the parent folder for you Belfast files.


e.g. Your files are in C/Music/Belfast. The .torrent file you made should be in C/Music. Download the JL .torrent file to that location(and let it overwrite) or download to desktop then click it and point it to C/Music. 

I am trying to co-seed the Breathless in Paris DVD (and others) at JL, and I am badly out of practice... I have done this lots and lots of times, and used to:
* click on the torrent file, a box opened,
* I found the proper folder - and "checking" and "seed"!

Not now. It will only download into the downloads folder. Despite me checking that I want to be asked where to download the files.
I use BitTorrent 7.6 and Firefox.
Anyone who can think of a solution?

This from the JL faq doesn't seem to help:
"How do I seed a torrent which already has been uploaded?
Get the .torrent file from the tracker, open it in your client, and point the client to the directory, where the previously downloaded data is stored in."

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