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So I'm making my first attempt at uploading audio to a.b.m.s. I've followed this guide, and everything went fine until I loaded up yenc to upload the flies. When I start the upload I get an error message "441 Article too big for server". The various guides tell me that this is generally caused by the number of lines being set too large. However, I've left mine at the default (1950) and am still getting the same message.

Any ideas?

(I'm using Vista, with astraweb as my newsserver.)
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Originally Posted By: Long Walk Home
Hello everyone
I have the same problem, I tested with 1950, 1850, 3000 ... And even so I still say that the size is too big server astra.

There any solution to this?

Astraweb has always been a pain in the ass for posting. I use my ISP server and haven't had an issue since.
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