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A small contribution to break up the quiet as we all await our Covid 19 vaccinations.  

An oddity from 1980.  
Found inside a US WLP copy of The River.   Unusual to see Bruce with the entire E Street Band used in a press photo along side an information sheet  promoting another upcoming band (aside from Southside), E6BB193C-1313-42F3-BB77-F7839660D6F6E28E2255-0487-47E8-B44C-55817311655Deven if they were ‘reunited Jerseyites’.    Epic was an associated label to Columbia.   I have no research on the validity of the claims of their friendship or performances together.  I have no idea as to the rarity or commonality of the item.    (Always welcome enlightenment.)  

You may begin your exceptionally brief boredom break ............ now!


Images (2)
  • E6BB193C-1313-42F3-BB77-F7839660D6F6: E St Band w/ The Proof
  • E28E2255-0487-47E8-B44C-55817311655D: E St Band/Proof Press
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