I am new to this site. I am looking for the Uncasville 5-18-14 dvd from the dvddubbingguy in a trade. I just came across his site about 3 weeks ago and tried to contact him a few times but have not received a response. His work looks amazing and I was at this show and saw his recording on YouTube.

I tried greasylake.org which i am a member of and they suggested trying this site.

If someone has this and would be interested in trading a copy Inwould really appreciate it.



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its a bluray I think not a dvd. if there is a dvd version you can probably download from Jungleland. Sorry I do not trade anymore

Yes, it is a blu-ray and not a dvd. I have tried Jungleland and most of his are on there except for this one. Thank you.

Let me see if Ican help you out by pointing you in the right direction.

Look for  a pm.


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Maybe its possible to help me too?

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