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For a long time I doubted to get this one. Why? Well I thought Bruce looked and sounded tired at the end of this tour. I thought what we would see wouldn’t match the shows from Europe. And to be honest, no Blu Ray bootleg release will ever top Milano 2013 for me, because that one is out of this world.

So I did obtained Uncasville #1. And I’m not dissapointed at all. The audio is of course very good, the setlist is just breathtaking. I mean “The Price You Pay”, only for this song it’s worth having this Blu Ray. But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, let’s focus on what DDG is presenting us here. The video is just a real great mix of multiple angles. Close ups, stage shots as well as shots from the crowd. It’s all there and that’s a good thing, because it really improves the viewing quality of this disc. As DDG has mentioned before in his own review on Jungleland (the place where the DVD version can be found), the quality of some of those angles could have been a lot better if tapers shared their recordings. For example the angle shot by BlackLab is really phenomenal, but there is this logo that is just somewhat disturbing when watching the show. There’s another angle on which DDG was able to blur out the text logo at the bottom of the screen, so it isn’t that annoying. But if he was able to use the master data, this disc would have been much better qualitywise. Knowing it’s out there, knowing he could have done a lot better is a pity in my opinion.

Despite the fact that he used some YouTube sources it is one, if not the best USA video bootleg out there. We all remember the NYCBC-releases from previous tours. These were much poorer in quality looking at production, image quality or the passion and hard work involved in creating these shows. I clearly remember NYCBC releasing their DVD’s just a few days after the show had taken place. All they wanted was quick money. They didn’t care about creating the best possible quality product. But still many fans wanted to see these shows, because there were not many other sources/releases to choose from. On SPL funds were raised so people could buy and upload these shows for other fans. Even fans that didn’t donate benefited from these generous people sharing what is out there.

The point I’m trying to make is that as a fan, I would like to see/hear these shows presented in the best possible quality, because it adds value to my collection. 
Enough said, this video is a true gem and deserves a place in every fans’ collection. Night #2 looks to be as promising as night #1, hopefully DDG will manage to get this one out. I for sure will be one of the persons looking to add this one to my collection. I probably won’t wait as long as I did with this one.

Thanks to DDG for another excellent release and keep doing what you are doing, because all of your releases are highly appreciated.


Son we're lucky in this town, it's a beautiful place to be born...

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