To JL: Springsteen on Broadway - June 08, 2018 - audio (DavePas63 audience recording)



Springsteen on Broadway 
Walter Kerr Theatre 
New York, New York 
June 8, 2018 

source: iPhone > Voice Record App>16/44.1 > GoldWave (track splits and editing) > Trader's Little Helper (flac level 6) 

taper: DavePas63 

location: mezzanine, left side of stage 
artwork: none 

Notes: Lottery winner. My son surpised us with tickets in January; my wife kept entering the lottery thinking 
we could return the favor if we won, but absolutely no transfers allowed. On the theory that seeing Bruce twice 
is better than seeing him once, we went again. Pretty quiet crowd near us, except for woman who put her feet on 
the back of my seat at one point. She apologized after I turned and glared at her, but it's not noticable on the recording. 
Bruce and Patti's anniversary - he gave her a bouquet when she made her appearance. 

Surprisingly good recording for iPhone. Solo performer in a Broadway theater makes a big difference. Pop-click used 
to reduce nearby clapping. Compressor used to reduce loud parts; expander used to boost quiet parts. Nothing worse 
than either having to turn up volume to hear dialogue and then blowing out speakers when music starts, or having to 
guess what's being said during the quieter parts. 

Samples included in comments. Recommended track split if burning to CD 1-13 and 14-29. 

01 Welcome 
02 My Magic Trick 
03 Growin' Up 
04 A Love-Hate Relationship 
05 My Hometown 
06 My Father 
07 My Father's House 
08 My Mom 
09 The Wish 
10 The Night I Left Freehold 
11 Thunder Road 
12 We Had Exactly Three Days 
13 The Promised Land 
14 Who Went In My Place? 
15 Born In The U.S.A. 
16 One Plus One Equals Three 
17 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 
18 Patti intro 
19 Tougher Than The Rest - with Patti Scialfa 
20 All Of This Is Finite 
21 Brilliant Disguise - with Patti Scialfa 
22 Bends Toward Justice 
23 Long Walk Home 
24 The Rising 
25 Lace Up Your Dancing Shoes 
26 Dancing in the Dark 
27 Land of Hope and Dreams 
28 Feeling The Soul Of My Tree 
29 Born To Run


R.I.P. Dad (1937 - 2018). I miss you.

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