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Bruce Springsteen 
Walter Kerr Theatre 
New York, NY 

January 11th 2018 

Source: iPhone 7+ with internal mic > Twisted Wave app > 16bit-44kHz mono .wav 

Editing: Sound Forge Pro: fade in/out | CD Wave: tracking | FLAC frontend level 8 

Recording location: Orchestra Center Row K 

Taper: JohnM 

Track Listing 
01. ..Welcome to the Walter Kerr Theatre.. 
02. ..My Magic Trick.. 
03. Growin’ Up 
04. ..A Love-Hate Relationship.. 
05. My Hometown 
06. ..My Father.. 
07. My Father's House 
08. ..My Mom.. 
09. The Wish 
10. ..The Night I Left Freehold.. 
11. Thunder Road 
12. ..We Had Exactly Three Days.. 
13. The Promised Land 
14. ..Vietnam.. 
15. Born In The U.S.A. 
16. ..One Plus One Equals Three.. 
17. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 
18. ..My Flaming Beauty.. 
19. Tougher Than The Rest (ft. Patti Scialfa) 
20. ..Trust Is A Fragile Thing.. 
21. Brilliant Disguise (ft. Patti Scialfa) 
22. ..Bends Toward Justice.. 
23. Long Walk Home 
24. The Rising 
25. ..Lace Up Your Dancing Shoes.. 
26. Dancing in the Dark 
27. Land of Hope and Dreams 
28. ..I Drove Back to My Neighborhood.. 
29. Born To Run 

Many thx for Jockel for creating the terrific artwork that accompanies this set. 


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