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Springsteen on Broadway 

Walter Kerr Theatre 
New York City, NY 
January 27, 2018 & December 15, 2017 

Bruce Springsteen - vocals, guitar, piano 
Patti Scialfa - vocals, guitar 

Source: master video recording 
Taper: BerlinRaubauke & Matze 
Mastered by: Music From The Underground 
Location: Mezzanine 

Months ago, I got a couple of videotapes of two friends filmed at the Springsteen on the Broadway Show. 
These are now their unedited complete recordings in mp4.format. All videos were recorded in the strictest secrecy, as it is not allowed to film in the theater. 

Length: 32:57 Minutes 

My Hometown * 
Born in the U.S.A. ** 
Tougher Than the Rest (w/ Patti Scialfa) ** 
Brilliant Disguise (w/ Patti Scialfa) ** 
Long Walk Home ** 
Dancing in the Dark ** 
Land of Hope and Dreams ** 

* Recorded by Matze 
** Recorded by BerlinRabauke 

Thanks again to Matze and BerlinRabauke for the recordings and that I was allowed to publish them. 

Keep Rockin'... 


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