To JL: LA night #2, March 17, 2016 - audio (TomMc audience recording)



Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
March 17th, 2016
Los Angeles Sports Memorial Arena (The Dump That Jumps)
TomMc Tape
Time: 3:31:15

Schoeps MK4 > Actives > NBox Platinum > Sony M-10--->24/44.1 .wav files(D3 only-rest of show taped at 16/44.1)--> CD Wave Editor(track splits)--Goldwave 5.5(editing)--TLH(align sector boundaries, encode to level 8)-->.flac files(16/44.1)

DISC ONE (77:38)
01-intro (1:23)
02-Meet Me in the City (4:55)
03-album intro (1:33)
04-The Ties That Bind (3:38)
05-Sherry Darling (5:17)
06-Jackson Cage (3:16)
07-Two Hearts (4:11)
08-Independence Day (6:29)
09-Hungry Heart (5:53)
10-Out in the Street (6:07)
11-Crush On You (3:18)
12-You Can Look (3:33)
13-I Wanna Marry You (11:39)
14-The River (6:47)
15-Point Blank (9:33)

DISC TWO (74:00)
01-Cadillac Ranch (6:21)
02-I'm a Rocker(4:09)
03-Fade Away (5:47)
04-Stolen Car (5:22)
05-Ramrod (5:46)
06-The Price You Pay (6:19)
07-Drive All Night (10:56)
08-Wreck on the Highway (4:58)
09-Badlands (5:45)
10-Death to My Hometown (4:09)
11-The Promised Land (5:51)
12-Backstreets (8:31)

DISC THREE (59:37)
01-Brilliant Disguise (4:30)
02-The Rising (5:10)
04-Thunder Road (6:58)
05-encore break/PSA (1:01)
06-American Land (04:30)
07-Born to Run (5:21)
08-Dancing in the Dark (6:17)
09-Rosalita (8:17)
10-10th Avenue Freezeout (6:16)
11-Shout (11:12)

Notes: Many thanks to TMcC for this excellent capture. And to Oats for his being able to secure this show and the two other LA shows from T.
This was a very clean tape and there was not much work to be done on it. Only a slight blip during Death to My Hometown where I suspect a battery change. I have inserted 2 seconds of silence at the start of each disc. If you prefer you can remove it to listen to it straight through.

Brucebase: 34-song set includes the tour premieres of "American Land" (on St. Patrick's Day) and "Death To My Hometown". "Brilliant Disguise" returns after a short break. Set also features the 100th live performance of "Jackson Cage". Madison Federici (who also dances with Bruce during "Dancing In The Dark"), Jared Clemons, and Olivia Tallent join the band on tambourines, and Jason Federici joins on accordion, for "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" and "Shout". Bruce adds a line from "Pretty Flamingo" to the "Here She Comes" introduction to "I Wanna Marry You", which also includes a bit of "Chapel Of Love" at the end. "Drive All Night" includes a snippet of "Dream Baby Dream".

Official concert recording available for purchase in multiple formats, including CD and high definition audio, from Springsteen's official live download site at


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