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I thought it was fantastic, really helped me understand the meaning and dynamic of those new songs.  I find myself listening to these songs on a much deeper level, and honestly, songs I would skip over, I now listen to. the movie was like sitting at a concert, I am going again for sure. Love the cd that pairs with this movie as well.

I saw the film yesterday near my hometown here in Germany.

Excellent sound (mixed by Bob Clearmountain) and vision during the runtime of 83minutes. The narration parts came with German subtitles.

And this narration between the songs really helps to understand the intention behind them and the whole album. So for example Bruce tells us that the song Western Stars is the core of the album and the other ones were developed around it.

The most touching moments to me were the duet with Patti on Stones. You can really see and almost grab the deep connection between them with your hands. Beautiful performance and cinematography on this.
The second one is the narration before Moonlight Motel where he tells us how he met Patti and their relationship started.

To me this film is the last part of a trilogy together with the BTR book and Springsteen on Broadway. I think with all these projects he wanted to leave something behind that goes beyond the music. That digs deeper and shows some insight views. And it works.

This movie is made for big screen. If you have the chance to see it at a cinema go there and watch it. Really recommended.


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