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With “Springsteen on Broadway,” director Thom Zimny wanted to “capture this magical thing that’s really hard to put into words, which was the experience of Bruce being onstage on Broadway. The theater itself held a certain tone and presence that made the idea of filming it a challenge.” Ultimately, he wanted to recreate what it felt like to watch the Boss from the front row. Watch our exclusive video interview with Zimny above.

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Zimny has been a frequent collaborator of Bruce Springsteen‘s, helming several music documentaries and concert specials for him. So he was a natural choice to mount this one, which brings Springsteen’s Tony Award-winning one-man show to Netflix. But the filmmaker didn’t just want to shoot the musical numbers, he also wanted to give audiences a sense of the “ambience” of the theater. For example, “Bruce’s feet walking across the wood stage had a certain musical tone to it. I didn’t want to lose those details in the filming.”

Given the intimate nature of the show, Zimny “wanted to use the camera in a way that was very different than all our other concert films. I wanted to make sure the camera would cross into the space of being directly next to Bruce, so you would see details that even the best ticket on Broadway couldn’t give you.”

His work paid off with Emmy nominations for directing and producing. Zimny, who started off as an editor, previously won an Emmy for cutting “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Live in New York City” in 2001. Then he competed for editing and producing the band’s music special “Live in Barcelona” in 2003. And he won a Grammy for directing the Springsteen documentary “Wings for Wheels: The Making of ‘Born to Run'” in 2005.


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