Holy crap, 2 of my favorite people together (Bruce and Graham Norton). Graham's show is awesome.

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Kicking myself - I had the link to get tickets for the Festival screening ( the night after the Norton recording)  and forgot. Bruce will probably be there. Not that he would say hello but I could have told the Mrs I was going to the movies with Bruce.


Quite excited now!

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Cool thanks! Yeah love Graham’s show. Will be cool with Deniro on there too 👍




She said last night she read those letters...
And they made her feel one hundred years old...

Can they finally settle the "You talking to me?" issue?


Are there any political forums on the internet that are not full of self-contradicting homer fanboys?

Here's the full show. The segment with Bruce starts at the 24:45 minute mark.


where did it all go wrong?

I am bummed he didn't sit on the couch the entire show.  That's part of what makes the show great.

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