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Yeah, in 2014, turning 40, I decidedto start using ABMS to download bootlegs (and Rocco Siffredi movies of course to try emulating him...); being completely ignorant I was wondering if this sticky thread is still valid for a beginner:

Also, which would be the best news server?

Thanks for any info



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Yes for the most part.  I pay for Gignews. some of the technology has advanced on most software that a lot of the files are repaired automatically and you are told if they fail.  Give it a whirl.


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I´ve been a loyal subscriber to Giganews for close to 10 years. But recently when some of my bluray archives failed and I attempted to re'download some shows a few years old many were incomplete. When I complained to Giga they told me they had received DMCA complaints for those files. I think they´re full of it, I doubt Bruce Inc. would complain about bootlegs on Usenet but allow them on torrent sites. I´m trying out for the next couple of months before I cut the ties to Giga. They´re much cheaper, retention is just a few days less, and the speed is the same sisnce I have an internet connection on steroids anyway.

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