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We've talked about it in the past. Now let's do it.

Let's name the Top 5 bootlegs for each tour, with as many as 5 more suggestions. The sound has to be pretty damn good for a boot to make the list, but sound quality is not the sole criteria. We'll weigh in the performance (i.e., the energy level, the setting, the setlist, etc.) because that matters, too. Otherwise we'd all be listening to the Atlanta Rising boot, which won't even make the list.

I'll keep a running list here at the top of what the consensus seems to be for each tour. It will change, of course.
Anybody who wants other ideas can probably dig through this thread someday for suggestions that fell short. There are going to be a lot of excellent boots that don't make the list.
So let's get started.

This is the 'Devils & Dust' tour thread, covering the dates 2005-04-25 to 2005-11-22.

2005-05-15 Cleveland (Neo remaster?)
2005-06-20 Paris (Paris Dust Night, CC)
2005-06-25 Stockholm (Stockholm Dust Night, CC)
2005-07-18 Buffalo (IEM/AUD mix?)
2005-07-31 Columbus (Prodigal Son's Night Of Debuts, PS)
2005-08-03 Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids Night, CC)
2005-11-08 Philadelphia (The Philadelphia Devil, Ev2 - both Philly shows)
2005-11-09 Philadelphia ()
2005-11-13 Atlantic City (... and will you pull your pants down?, Tailschao)
2005-11-17 Meadowlands, name?, Ev2)
2005-11-22 Trenton (IEM/AUD mix)
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