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Garry Tallent

More Like Me

(D’Ville ***)

In 2016 Garry Tallent finally stepped up from his role as the quiet bassist of the E Street Band and released his first solo album. Break Time was an unexpected delight, drawing on the musician’s love for ‘50s rock-and-roll and various offshoots.

More Like Me updates the points of reference to the 1960s while retaining the strengths and charms of the debut. Most important, Tallent and his collaborators again show a knack for crafting tight and catchy songs, which helps to compensate for just a serviceable singing voice.

“Too Long” and the title track are propulsive rockers that take it to the garage with self-styled cheesy organ and fuzz bass. “Tell the Truth” and “No Signs of Love” are more melodic and poppy, with ringing, Byrdsian guitars, lush harmonies, and, on the latter, electric sitar. “Sinful,” meanwhile, brings a swaggering blues edge with punchy harmonica and a biting guitar solo. Amid all that, the only ballad, the accordion-laced “Oh No (Another Song),” is also a standout.

Tallent’s Boss shows up to add backup vocals to the Tex-Mex rocker “Dirty Rotten Shame,” but this remains Tallent’s show, and he makes the most of it. --Nick Cristiano


The SPL Rocks!


Pulled up to my house today
Came and took my little girl away!
Giants Stadium 8/28/03


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