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is anybody having download speed problems with virgin / i have a 4 mg package at ?25 a month and i normally download at 480kbs however recently ive been getting slow speeds 100kbs when i moaned at virgin they informed me about fair limit quotas without telling me / i dont download that much maybe 20-30 gig per week should i look somewhere else any suggestions

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Hi Graham,

I had the same problem soon after Virgin took over Blueyonder. Download speed started slowing to sub 100kbs by mid month. When I spoke to Virgin they started talking about 'reasonable usage'. I've read somewhere that they set reasonable usage at around <40gb per month. Aboe that they start throttling your download speed.

Ironically, a couple of months ago I moved from a 4Mb(?25 per month) to a 2Mb pipe (?10 as part of a 3 for ?30 broadband/TV/Phone package) and download speed seems about the same.
Change your d/l habits wink
D/l after 9pm and before 4pm. Works fine for ABMS. Torrents are more of a problem though.

the limit I believe includes both download and upload amounts within the monitored hours.


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