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@Phisherman posted:

I'm really tired of telling people why they are wrong about Ticketing. Moving on to why everyone is wrong about Queen Of The Supermarket.

“Why everyone is wrong about Queen Of The Supermarket”.
Flat out statements like this is what makes you arrogantly disdainful to most people.  I should say EVERYBODY because that is YOUR numerical count word of your opposition.   We all clearly understand the combative nature of your character and your self-gleeful persistence on being an antagonist.  “Normal” people - and I define normal as anyone who enjoys any PERSONAL PREFERENCE  and is able to ‘allow’ others to do the same to whatever strong degree of their liking , without a constant need to challenge or attack an opposing opinion - ‘normal people’ do not behave like you are here.  It’s fucking opinion Phish, your arguments are not changing anyone’s mind about the song, but they ARE reflecting a shit load of negativity back onto yourself about yourself.  

Lotta people eat bacon, and hell of a lotta people adore sausage.  I go for seafood myself.  You dubbed in a better soundtrack to QOTS.  Congratulations, Phish, you put lipstick on a pig and it still came out looking and tasting like upper and lower intestinal scrapple.
Oink oink.  

You are not a child.  (I am giving you that credit, try not to prove that hypothesis to be in err.)  Stop trying to provoke unnecessary fights by intentionally being incendiary and then whine every time someone connects with a punch back at you.

Thank you.


"To most people" You speak for you and I'll speak for me. You seem to suffer from similar issues that you assign to me. You don't need an army of imaginary people to  back you up.

I'm very comfortable with the number of people I reach and who appreciate my content. Your opinion is noted. The "most people" you bring with you to lend your comments about me more weight, they'll need to register to vote. I think they're all you.

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