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Just in case you don't follow other forums/chats,   the Washington summer show and penultimate SF show have been rescheduled. Not great for those who have booked non-refundable  flights. It's all over BTX if you want to get the details. I booked my Jersey tour the day before yesterday so am hoping he doesn't move those dates!

Also Jungleland is just about comatose these days, or is it just my link not updating?


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Pretty snarky comment from Steve IMHO with no sensitivity to the "plight" of the crazy fans who are also getting on a plane and going to a city -- but now on the wrong dates to witness one of the greatest shows they will ever see in their lives.

Post Covid -- it is easier to change flights without ridiculous chargers -- but the fares and hotel rates keep going up.  I did get an e-mail advising me of the date change, and then found it also on BTX.

I have tickets to the last two SF shows (thanks to a friend on BTX) and was able to switch my hotel with minor cost.  Still hadn't booked flights yet.

Hoping for not too many more changes (except maybe to the setlist).

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