Hi folks. I'm heading to Springsteen on Broadway in a couple of weeks, and wondering if any of you might have some recommendations for a good place for pre-theatre  food and drinks? I don't need Michelin-starred fare, and would prefer to avoid any place that has saw dust on the floor – something in the middle would be just right. It's a Friday night show, if that makes any difference.

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There is an Italian restaurant right next door called La Masseria.   Good food and wine. My wife and I had six pm reservations before the show.   Everyone rushed to get in the theater at seven.  We eat, arrived at 7:30.  You have to go through a security / metal detector before going in.  Plenty of time the get in, restrooms, drinks and get to our seats.  Really strict about pictures and videos but I saw almost everyone recording Born to Run. Enjoy!

Blu Dog Kitchen and Bar is also nearby.  It has some healthy choices.  I've been there twice and enjoyed the food  both times.


The SPL Rocks!


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