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Originally Posted By: BigRay5264
Originally Posted By: ShabbyDog
Well. To me Forced to Confess should be disqualified for sounding like it's recorded from inside a big fat pillow.

aren"t you biased though ?


Possibly. But still. Stranded and Dark Heart both use the tape recorded from what sounds like the other side of the room compared to the Forced tape. And the Forced tape has always sounded muffled to me, even back in the day when I got the silver.
Originally Posted By: zeke
Originally Posted By: Pete
I guess not many people have listened to Dark Heart, after comparing the three it's clearly the best, at least to my ears. No offense Shabby wink

Try headphones. Dark Heart makes you want to stab your own ears.

This direction reminds me of someone saying "this milk is bad, here you try it."
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