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Hm, I love it but I would not give it 5 stars. It's not his best work for sure. Yet I like it a lot more than Magic. This is way too complicated for me wink


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Thanks for the poll Karen,
I actully like the album much more than Magic... i tend to fast forward through to many songs of Magic.... but when i first heardsome of the rough cuts from this album i didnt think i would like it as much.... like Surprise Surprise the first time i heard it i almost vomited smile but for anyone who never heard the album id suggest watching the dvd first... it really pumped me up, oh oh and we got jERSEY DEVIL on the disc here is Australia also..

I picked it up and listened to it for the first time on the way home. Still haven't heard the last few tracks, but I am satisfied. Not thrilled, i think there enough there that is good.

By the way, EVERYONE (except aussiepaul) is wrong about Surprise, Surprise.
The lyrics are nothing, but the tune and performance made me happy.
Originally Posted By: KingOfMilwaukee
This is another awful album. The music is uninspiring. His voice is WAY to large a part of the mix, and almost every song (save the GREAT Wrestler) could have been pulled off the last disk of Tracks.

PS- I also like "Life Itself." Wait....what is that I hear??? Guitars! And no yelling! What a concept. crazy

That's the only thing I like about this disaster: his voice in it.

Only 2 awesome tracks: Good Eye and Tomorrow Never Knows.
Plus some good ones like My Lucky Day, Life Itself and Queen of the Supermarket - but beneath him. Those are good tracks by themselves, but not in Bruce's catalogue.
Surprise, Surprised -he should be jailed for that.

I'm disapointed and pissed off with the man! mad


"No Surrender"

This is a disgrace mad No Clarence triangle work, Little Steven mandolin strumming, Max conga playing.

According to the poll the consensus seems to be OK.

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Just another busted sister of Heartbreak Hotel

It's songwriting by numbers. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus - that isn't always a bad thing but in this case, well, it is. Amongst this are splattered some stinkers - Surprise and Queen of the Supermarket (although loved the melody and first verse of the latter). However, there are also some gems - Last Carnival and Wrestler. Good Eye would have been better if it hadn't simply been three lines of lyrics and a chorus.

Edited to say I wish we could return to the days of large gaps between albums - the difference in quality is evident. Take the best of Rising, Devils, Magic and WOAD and you have a great album. Ok, they may not fit thematically or musically but that is something that could be worked out. Until we return to that I fear more of the same - poor to average albums with a few gems thrown in. Ah well.
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Alan B'Stard, 2006
You have a good point about extras, they usually jar with an album's theme. That's especially true in the case of Springsteen, as he tends to produce coherent albums, with songs that tie into each other. Terry's Song, in my opinion, detracts from Magic's theme - the album plays out beautifully with Max at the end of Devil's Arcade. Still, it's a nice song to have.
The Wrestler, to me, actually fits in at the end of WOAD, as it's similar in tone to The Last Carnival. I would have preferred to see it included as part of the album officially, as the second last song, with The Last Carnival closing the album.
Originally Posted By: lizzard1978
...he should be jailed for the whole thing. This is the biggest shit heap I have had the misfortune of buying - ever.

thank god tickets are cheaper on this tour, will make the pain of listening to the songs live less intense.

Tickets cheaper??? I find them more expensive this tour.

Note: going to Bruce gigs is not compulsory. If you don't want to listen to the new songs, don't go. Easy...!

"No Surrender"

I agree the album is a big bag of shit,bruce show be jailed especially for the lack of UK tour dates & the disgusting treatment of UK fans.
Does he remember the famous Hammersmith he liked UK then when he was up & coming.Now he got too big for his boots & HAS FORGOTTEN HIS ROOTS
This pop music sucks next will be a Festival playing along side Girls aloud.
Originally Posted By: BTR
Bruce Landau & Barbara must be laughing all the way to the bank with this heap of crap.
Its sliding down the UK charts faster than a speeding train sold much less than Magic,& live WOAD songs could be a disaster.

After 3 weeks its sales are around 6,000 down on Magic, (Earthslayer)

Week 1.......... 77,692 ................ 67,316
Week 2.......... 28,348 ................ 26,158
Week 3.......... 15,535 ................ 21,926

TOTAL........... 121,575. ............. 115,400

He had a sceond week at number 1, which he hasnt had since 1995, it will suffer this week because of increase in brit winners albums, and although you may view it as a heap of crap, a more accurate position re sales is needed to counter your 'much less' theory.
As I thought, it will go gold fairly easily, probably struggle a bit to get to platinum, but will get there in relativily short time.

This week in the U.S. it came it at #6, overtaken by the Grammy bounces of Taylor Swift, Robert Plant/Alison Krauss and Coldplay.

65,000 units sold. Which puts it at around 400,000 units in 3 weeks.

Certainly not a blockbuster, but no denying, it is a success, so far.

From what I remember, it seems, in America, to be selling very similarly to Magic.

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