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?Why was this forum created? Why do we need rules??
As JDHX3 put it: "We just want to separate our idiotic humor from our serious discussions and we don't have the ability to do that on our own. We need supervision that's all. That much should be apparent."

What makes SPL unique amongst Springsteen boards is our knowledge about Springsteen's music and our collective sense of humor. Often, however, the latter obstructs the former. As such, many of us have wanted a moderated forum that catered to critical discussions of Springsteen's work, that would stay on topic and not have the irreverent posts that are funny, but sidetrack an otherwise worthy dialogue.

Thanks you CJ for giving us such a place. Now, let's make it work.

?What are the rules??
There aren't that many rules and regs to follow. Overall, posts should just be on-topic and have a point besides simply increasing one's post count. They don't need to be deep. As for some specifics:

-Post news, concert reviews, general questions, links to Springsteen-related articles that you?re not planning on discussing, the General Springsteen forum

-References to other pieces of work (music, literature, art, etc...) are welcome, but please tie them into Springsteen in some way. Otherwise, the Off-Topic forum is the appropriate place to post tem. Also, don't refer to another band simply because "Rolling Stone" ranked them better than Bruce.

-Don't kvetch if your post is edited, moved, or deleted. Those posts will be edited, moved, or deleted too. If you have a question why your post was edited, moved, or deleted, PM a moderator. Although we try not to be, we might be inconsistent sometimes. Moderating this forum is subjective. Furthermore, it?s not our full-time jobs (yet). It?s nothing personal. Usually.

-Discussions about what show was better are better suited, well, nowhere, but if you feel a need to talk about it, do so in the General Springsteen forum (likewise for talking about the best version of a show)

-When starting a new thread, please make sure your topic isn't just an opinion, but also includes support for it. Instead of just giving for your opinion, describe why you think that way (think book report vs. term paper). For this forum to succeed, it needs personal opinion. It's the thought-out, well-supported kind, however, and not the "uh, this sucks/rules" commentary typical of Beavis, Butthead, and many of our posts.

?Why not just post serious topics in the General Springsteen forum and try to ignore the irrelevant posts??
Ignoring certain posters/threads doesn't work when a good conversation gets railroaded; sorting through the crap for the gems is time consuming. Also, you can miss a good post if you skip over it just based on the author ? just because someone has a tendency to threadjack or be sophomoric, doesn't mean that he can't come up with a good Springsteen-related post.

"Instead of just taking a critical look at Springsteen's music, can we discuss its personal impact on us?"
Yes. Use the songs, albums, or shows as a springboard to talk about their affect on you. Feel free to mention what you were doing when a certain album was released and how the songs on it impacted you. Just make sure you delve into why the album or concert had such an impact.

?Why are Smokey Joe and you the moderators??
Smokey and I were the two who took the most active role in badgering CJ for this forum. It?s CJ?s site and he made us the mods. If you have a problem with it, pester him; but remember ? it?s his ball and he can go home.

?I don?t want to post in a forum with all of these rules.?
If you want to participate, great - most users here have a lot of good insight into Springsteen. If you feel it's too pretentious and don't want to post in this forum, that's fine too. There's no need for everyone who doesn't like the idea to tell us though - I'm sure we'll catch on if people don't like it when there are only two of us posting in OAN.

?Why is it called ?Open All Night???
'Cause it is. When we were discussing the idea for this forum, we also talked about potential names. ?Open All Night? was the favorite.

If you have any suggestions, please PM me or Smokey Joe.
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