Official SPL/MLB Divisional Series Thread...

This series was not lost by Arod. Yes, they didn't score like they should have but there were plenty of others to point fingers at. And the old pitchers didn't do too bad. Pettitte and Mussina pitched OK. Roger blew, and it was WANG who was the biggest culprit of all. I'd keep Arod and rebuild the pitching.
No way Arod chooses to stay with the Yankees.

Time to start slotting him in other lineups.

The Cubs need a shortstop.
The Dodgers are desperate to return to being contenders.
Teh Angels could use him at 3rd base.
The Red Sox could use a shortstop, and Arod could hit behind Papi.
The White Sox need a marquee player and a shortstop.
The Cardinals could replace Scott Rolen.

Who else has ownership that would go for him?

The Cards won't spend, the Cubs are overpaying already for Soriano/Zambrano, and I doubt he's go top the NL. He won't go to the RedSux, too much animosity. The White Sox have mucho problems. That leaves the Angels. Can you really see him in an Angel uniform? He's staying right where he is, he wants to win in NY. Texas is the big winner, they get off the hook for what they still owe him, unless he decides not to exercise the option. If the Yankees are smart they just offer him an extension with the raises after his current deal runs out so Texas still pays.
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