Here are my filters for the baseball playoffs.

Top priority: Yankees not only lose, but they choke.

Teams I like alot: Phillies, Red Sox, Indians

Teams I have no like or dislike for: Rockies, Angels, D-Backs.

The X Factor: The Cubs. I haven't felt any attachment to them this summer, but I have in the past. If they start winning, then I will jump on the bandwagon.


There is one team that will be victorious and it is from New York, and I can't wait to hear you sissies when you come up with these gems - "Oh, with their payroll they just did what they were supposed to do", "It's not fair", "The Yankmees suck", etc, etc.

They will win it for George this year - you know, that owner that all you dicks wish you had, and the one that actually reinvests his money back into the team.
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!
I didn't lose anything. I'm not a member of the NY Mets. The team sucked, they tanked, they blew it. I'm disappointed. But I take no responsibility, nor do I rise and fall on what the Mets do.

Just like if the Yankees win, you'll still be a dick.
Just when they think they have all the answers, I come and change all the questions.
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I'll try to limit my trash talking strictly to doesn't even need to
get started with the Eagles

This isn't a football thread and for the most part if you took the time to read those, I agreed with most of the stuff said regarding the local football squad.
I was pissed when I saw the lineup...

When Utley broke his hand, Burrell got hot...Charlie decided it was a good idea to move Burrell to the 3 hole.

So when Utley returns, he bats Utley 2nd against lefties and Burrell 3rd.

Today the lineups are announced and I see he has Utley in the 3 spot with Burrell batting 6th.

If it wins you a Division Title, why fuck with it?

Now, the home plate umpire, was he not just awful for both sides, or what?
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