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Hello out there!
Someone who knows anything about the new CC, I think it?s
3 new bootlegs:
CC 777-78 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BOLOGNA DUST NIGHT Palamalaguti Arena, Bologna, Italy, 04/06/2005
CC 779-80 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ROMA DUST NIGHT Palalottomatica Arena, Roma, Italy, 06/06/2005
CC 781-82 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN MILANO DUST NIGHT Forum Assago, Milano, Italy, 07/06/2005

Best regards Tolle

Nobody wins, unless everybody wins!

Original Post
[]I can't understand why CC realise now this non-interesting shows from the D&D Tour.........and not one of the last leg of the USA tour.......the last was 03 august 05 (Grand Rapids)......we don't need more of the European Tour after the greats boots Point, Paris, Gothenburg and Stockholm..... [/]

Agree. Anyone know if there'll be new Dylan releases ?? Other artists ?
[]Last year Mr Cat is supposed to have said that Bologna was one of the best recordings he had ever made, so I was suprised that this has not been released until now. Haven't actually heard it myself yet though so I can't verify this. [/]
Listen to My Father's House from All Those Nights Vol. 2 if you have it. Sounds really great!
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