Need Recommendation: Best Live Performance Of "The River" In Its Entirety

I am wanting to buy a concert from the "Live Bruce Springsteen" site where Bruce and the band play "The River" in its entirety. We normally associate this with the 2016 tour (or at least most of it), but Bruce also played "The River" in its entirety on November 8, 2009 in New York City (with the larger band).

Which show features your favorite performance of "The River," and what concerts do fans typically refer to as the best shows? A friend of mine has the January 19, 2016 show from Chicago, and that's clearly not one of the best ones. Springsteen was clearly singing through a cold during the early stages of the 2016 tour, and his voice gives out several times throughout the concert. His voice even cracks up during his spoken intro before the band launches into "The River."

Thanks for the recommendations. I am mainly interested in the best performance of "The River." I realize that he played some other songs during each of the shows, but I am not really concerned with those performances.

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If you listen to the O.L.D. of 2009-11-08, the first time they played the album in it's entirety...  at the end of Track 1 The Wrecking Ball Bruce speaks from the heart about what The river meant to him and some tidbit on why he wrote it and what was going on.  If you tacked that piece of Spoken work before  Track 12, The River, well... for my money that's the most emotional River I ever saw or heard.

I didn't see this one as I was at LOD.  For the best pure sound  with the band playing tight and sounding most like the album, 2016-01-16, Night 1 of The River tour at Pittsburgh is spot on.


The SPL Rocks!


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I'm with Oats on this one: MSG '09 is my favourite. What a stunning performance.

If you're looking for something from the 2016 tour I would suggest these:

Brooklyn #1 (Apr 23), Hartford (Feb 10), LA #3 (Mar 19) and Paris #2 (Jul 13).


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I wasn't sure what you wanted at first, granted I read it at 6:00 A.M. so I was half asleep. But first I thought you wanted the entire LP, then I thought you just wanted the song, then later I was back at thinking the entire LP again.

I'm a little bias , because it was the first Bruce show we had in a few years.... But I thought they did an awesome job here in Seattle.

Again... I'm VERY bias   


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