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I pre-ordered it and recieved it about two weeks ago. Live show from Spain, November 2005, touring in support of the last album, which was excellent.

Performance: A-. Good representation of a typical live Marah show. The band is their best lineup yet and the set list is a great mix of old and new material. 21 songs plus backstage intro track. Might have been the mix, but the audience seemed to lack some energy.

Production: B. It's not as slick as what you get out of higher-dollar artists, but it's a solid effort. No editing, you basically get the show as it was. The camera work is pretty good, but the same shots get a little stale. Sound is good on the DVD despite some obvious problems with the monitors at the venue.

Bonus Material: A. DVD bonus tracks include readings with Nick Hornby and Bill Ehrhardt as well as some live performances. 7-track bonus CD featuring more live performances.

Overall: For $20, it's a great value and a great performance, coming from someone who finds most concert DVDs unwatchable.

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No official audio release of the show, but they are fairly taper friendly, so I think there's soundboard material floating around from the tour.

There's several stripped down versions of 'Float Away' out there, some with the new band, others with just Dave acoustic. This tour saw several songs off the "Float Away...Gods" album, proving that they weren't bad songs, maybe just poorly produced/arranged.

The DVD features a medley of 'Float Away' along with Modest Mouse's 'Float On' that is one of my highlights of the disc. Not quite up there with the 'Feather Boa'/'Baba O'Riley' I've seen them pull out, but very good.
Originally Posted By: RDW
Not quite up there with the 'Feather Boa'/'Baba O'Riley' I've seen them pull out, but very good.

That is one of the greatest parts of their show, Im very glad they brought that back after being gone for a while..
btw, I have the audio used for the DVD, PM me if you need it, Im always looking to trade for Marah.

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