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There is not sufficient information on the EBAY listing to determine the generation of this tape. The first version I had was my VHS copy of a friend's 3rd or 4th generation betamax tape. The quality was not as good as the DVD versions. It would be nice if the JEMS people could have a peek at this to see whether or not it's 1st or 2nd generation.  And Pete, are you still out there somewhere?


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got an offer of 90$ on it plus international postage from the seller, but not committed, just concerned about the tape travelling via customs and scanning interference.


those old sony Umatics machines come up on eBay this side of the pond all the time for sub £100, and or conversation services are only about £10.

plus, after checking youtube, there are already some good gen copies circulating of the 23rd show these days.




24th is the circulating video tape - if really the 23rd it would be more than interesting! If the seller could be bothered to get it played and confirmed it would fetch a lot - at present it is just a bit of plastic with a (probably) mis-dated label. Or just a label on a piece of plastic - caveat emptor!



Quite excited now!

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