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Continuing to do some spring cleaning, college tuition padding  decluttering and I have somewhat of a unique collection available. Here are the details:

·      Looking to part with over 300, and maybe even closer to 400 CDRs

·      Contains anywhere between 125-200 shows mainly from the Reunion tour

·      Sound quality ranges from not good to ALD

·      Includes artwork for most and jewel cases

·      These are NOT professional boot releases, these are CDR collections from tapers, Dime a Dozen, and other torrents on CDR blanks that I purchased and burned

I am NOT looking to sell the music/recordings but I AM looking to recollect some of my costs for the CDRs (currently about $.75 per) , and Jewel cases (currently about $1.00 per triple case) and of course the shipping. So to set a fair price I have taken the randomness of the collection, age, and potential audience sound quality into consideration and am only looking for about $275for the whole collection plus shipping and will entertain fair offers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my collection, much more to come.

Email me at and I can send pictures of the collection that are detailed enough for you to see the titles and of course answer any other questions you have.


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