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look at your bt and look what is there,look how manny uploaders/leechers and start up some with not to much uploaders,if you find some with a nice upload speed put the rest on hold.
its better for your cpu,and speed things up.
but give it some time it just not start the moment you put it on.
you can also look if someone ask for a reseed,and start that one up if you have it on your hd just download the torrent again and it wil go.
but this wil be a bigger problem if there come more of those super uploaders

there are only two kinds of music ROCK and ROLL

if you don?t stop your torrent downloads after finishing, you seed automatically. so just start one finished and requested download again and if you?re asked for a folder, just choose the one you chose before. the client will find your downloaded files and says that you have already 100 % downloaded. so you don?r download anything, but the others not having finished the download will. and this increases your sharing rate.

there?s a list of orphaned torrents at jungleland. these are shows, that someone wants to download but nobody seeds. if you have one of them (original downloaded files) on your harddrive, open the site with the torrent and do as i said above.
wel that is just one just had a look and 14 out of 20 had a ratio under 0 number one problem is the people that hop on every new torrent that comes up.
just take a look at the leechers if you got the time.
they must have no bandwide over,hopefuly they wake up sometime or gonna read about his bt,and set logging on if it is on the bt so they can see what the pc is doing to down/upload a piece.

there are only two kinds of music ROCK and ROLL

yeah but youre upload speed is so high the most of us have that not,and you are not alone uploading with 1mb/sec or 10kbps/sec is a great difference.
its not complaining about that its just something where things go wrong.
not in every country they have that speed,and you must have the money to get that.
its something for the software boys to deal with that difference,other wise there wil be only a few over on the sides,and that is something to think about!

there are only two kinds of music ROCK and ROLL

Originally Posted By: IvanNF
Big Ray lives about 10 minutes away from me Marcels. He has FIOS available in his town and I only have cable, big difference in uploading speeds.

Ivan..actually I WISH I had FIOS...I only have Optimum Online w/ connection is 30/5...I would love the 20/20 line FIOS offers..sadly my Apt complex would never allow Verizon in here
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