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This post was lost when the SPL crashed and burned, but it is an important one. It was the first time Peter Nf CA decided to create the SPL Live Collection with bigballsbilly. I dug into the Archives.ORG Way Back Machines and found it.


Here is the archived web page and below is the original text: 




(not a sign-up)


I am very pleased to announce that the CD project “best live Boot versions…” is now ready for release. This is a 9 CD lossless set which consists of the best live versions of Bruce’s studio albums from Greetings to the River. The set list follows the original tracklist plus some bonus versions are also included.


This project started over 12 months ago with this thread started in August 2001:;f=6;t=000390;p=1 [URL is dead]
The complete set list is on page 7 of this thread.


This is truly a Stone Pony London Project. At the outset members of the board took an interest and the thread became organized along album lines and suggestions for appropriate versions poured in from all over the world. SPL member “Patrick” was my ally in keeping the thread going. It would have died, if not for him. Pretty soon the list of songs began to take shape. Choices were made, I believe based on sound quality, performance, and historical significance. Interest was keen for the albums from Greetings to the River but waned for the later albums.


Then some people began asking whether a compilation was planned. Well no it wasn’t.


Then I thought “how could I put this together”. I had many of the boots mentioned but there were also many that I did not have. Plus I had no idea how to edit the tracks together.


Then three important things happened:

1. I become a convert to shn or lossless formats.
2. I learned how to use Cool Edit Pro
3. I hooked up with bigballsbilly


With bigballsbilly’s keen help and interest, as well as some judicious trading and acquisitions, together we acquired all of the bootleg concerts needed to complete the project in lossless form.


Over the last several months, the tracks were painstakingly put together. We wanted a seamless flow from track to track, even though they came from different shows and often different eras. Some of the tarcks include Bruce’s famous “stories” as intro’s to the tracks.


Bigballsbilly listened to every second of every draft version of the project. I sent him cd’s in the mail as well as uploading and emailing him tracks. Each CD went through at least 5 drafts before BBB gave final approval. His suggestions for improvements were most helpful and his keen ear for picking up extraneous noises (which were removed) was remarkable. The result is a set of excellent quality and feel, bearing in mind that we are dealing with bootlegs.


This project would not have been completed if not for bigballsbilly.

Dam Leroy of the SPL then put together some nice artwork to go along with the project. Thank’s Dam


So thanks to all in SPL ..thanks as always to CJ.


In a short time bigballsbilly will be announcing a sign-up for the distribution of the complete 9 CD set.


I hope as many people as possible will be able to hear it.



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