I need a little help here...

Out of complete stupidity, I was able to get plugged in for a Jackson Browne SBD this week...


When I went to turn my deck on .. I got .. " NO CARD"... AHHH.. !!!

I forgot to put the SD card back in the deck.. and had no spare either!

I had to use my back-up, back-up.... an old SONY MZ Mini disc recorder.


After shutting the deck off between the encores..

For some reason.. the deck re-started at the beginning of the disc..

possibly erasing the first 3 songs of the set...

I'm not sure if this is a TOC error or not.


I don't have the ability to do a Mini Disc recovery to see if the songs are still on the disc .. or if they've been erased.

Can ANYONE help me, who can do a old Mini Disc recovery.. ??

Thanks guys.. !!!




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