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In honor of July 4th celebrations -  Here is the Uber rare never before rumored or released unpublished 2nd half of a very recent Springsteen lyric sheet found in a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar on a barn on his farm,  with his revised BTR verses, updated to celebrate 50 years of BTR in 2525!  Enjoy!!!!

“……..  Beyond the patio, semi bloated uncles hobble through the weed filled yard.  Aunt Lena combs her wig in a hand held mirror and her glaucoma makes it oh so hard.  It’s amusing parked across from the driveway watching Irving’s 4 bulldogs bark.  I’m gonna burst with you Wendy on the street tonight if the bathroom’s too far a walk.
The driveway’s jammed with rusted minivans
Moma still loves to drive
Everybodys run out of burgers tonight
But the kids are happy with fries
Together Wendy in our trifocal glasses
I’ll help you rack dishes in stacks when we are done,
Oh, Some place girl, I forgot just where,
We’re gonna remember that place where the
Beach chairs with awnings are stored, then we’ll sit in the sun
But till then, Gramps like us
Our H-VAC had better run, oh
For Gramps like us,
Our H-VAC had better run

Woe-oh-oh-oh, My back goes woe-oh-oh-oh, My knees go woe-oh-oh-oh. My fingers go woe-oh-oh-oh, Woe woe woe woe woe. “


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