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I mentioned in this thread here

that I have the feeling this tour feels like "Springsteen & the E St Band On Broadway" (or to be exact: The E Street Big Band)

We had a lot of complaining here about the static setlist, so I do not know if another thread is justified (probably not but it is the weekend...)

Does anyone else feel that Springsteen has moved away from the "Conversation with my fans" to a "Presentation" of his artistry? It sure is a strong show... but I am missing something.

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I think that's a fair assessment. The issue with the floods in Italy and not really recognizing superstars that have passed on like he has in the past, really underscores your "Presentation" idea. While I never really liked the fans bringing signs to the show (though it did allow me to see the '78 intro to Prove It in DC) I do miss the give and take.

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I tend to agree with your comments -- very insightful IMHO.  At Paris 1, I felt the same way as I watched him present songs -- I felt he was now reciting lyrics vs conveying feelings and emotions and engaging the audience.  I still greatly enjoyed the show, and it is a great presentation of his skills -- and those of the extended E-Street Band.  The crowds at all shows I have been too are very engaged and have a fine time (for the most part :-)).

Perhaps he will move back in the other direction at some point.  For me, I hope so because I have quite a few shows in the fall -- and I don't think I will go to all of them if things don't change.

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