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I would think there are multi-tracks of the L.A. Forum show, Atlanta night 2, and of course Passaic night 3. (Maybe others but we don't know)

This is a stunning release. I am obviously looking forward to more from 1980, but seeing as it's the least recorded tour I am sure we will have a wait. Interestingly, this show seems to honor Clarence on his anniversary as well as Doug on Father's day. (But alas, they dont do anniversaries!!!)

I predict a Devils and Dust show around July 9th or so, Maybe a River show in August.


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This is my take on the remaining 78 shows. Keep in mind recording was still expensive back then and Bruce didn't have a lot of money at this time. The radio broadcasts were only recorded because the truck was there anyways. Sometimes they recorded a stand but Bruce liked to record shows that were special or near his home.

07/05 Los Angeles probable. No reason to not record if the truck was going to be at the Roxy and was in Berkeley. A soundboard tape exists in the hands of private collectors.

07/08 Phoenix whole show was filmed and recorded to multitrack

09/21 Passaic For sure

I think a fact that nobody has seemed to figure out yet is that sound engineer Bruce Jackson made lots of tapes from the Darkness tour off of the board like Chas Gerber did before him. There are probably more, but 06/16 Kansas City, 06/24 Portland, 08/04 Charleston, 08/05 Louisville, 08/19 Philadelphia, 09/17 New York City, 11/02 Largo, 12/31 Richfield, 01/01 Richfield are all just board tapes, no multitrack.

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Now next release just needs to be any of 3rd, 4th or 6th July 1985 Wembley Stadium, dont moind which as i was at all 3

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