I am new here, so please be gentle, 'cause I do not know what I write.

A thought has formed inside my head, thinking that it could be a good idea to have all my concerts burned on cd's / dvd's instead of just keeping it on my hard drive.

Fair enough, I would also have to buy a new shelf for my Bruce Springsteen material, but I can live with that.

What kind of gear do you use for printing on the CD?
Any particular program to print the covers?

I would love some great answers, pointing me in the right direction, but I have an thought that this "print on cd, print out cover-idea might become a time consuming one, considering I would have to get the gear, software, time to do it, and peace & quiet..

Well well, any advice highly appreciated.

By the way, this is a great forum. So far I haven't been much of a poster, only reader.

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