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My plan is live streaming video via youtube. Sony Experia 1 IV supports this (provided you get a 4/5G signal) whilst its a 4K 120hz shooter, data and youtube wont handle that for live broadcast. Have had solid results with YouTube and 1080p 60hz. which will be good enough, also the sound on the Experia IV and Pro is pretty solid

Hopefully via the time the euro tour starts some new smartphones wil have arrived Hoping the S23 Ultra or Sony Experia 1 V arrives in time.

You can also use streamlabs to live broadcast to Youtube, Twitch or Fakebook. Neat thing is that it also allows you to use Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) if you want to stream just audio as it low latency, perfect for a good mp3 live broadcast if there isnt a good cellular connection.

not sure if anyone is pooling together this year tapers to share footage for someone to edit and release, Ive not been able to see a Bruce show since September 2012, so going to fill my boots this tour now im free, So will have loads of stuff from euro shows if anyone wants to handle the edititing for multi shots etc. So if there is appetite i can do some shows across Europe.

as always, keep smiling

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AFAIK Periscope has closed in March 2021. I think they recommended Twitter Live as replacement.

However on the last ESB tour the live video streams were kind of a mixed bag to me. To my memory it was mainly bits and pieces and you had to switch a lot to keep track of the show.

Audio broadcasts on the other hand are a different animal. On the last U2 tour for example the fans broadcasted the audio for a lot of shows via Mixlr. I listened to a couple of these and they had decent sound with nearly no interruptions. This was much more relaxed experience than hunting the next video stream. Maybe we can setup something similar for the upcoming ESB tour.


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