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So let's say someone has a very close seat to a concert stage and wanted to "film" the show with their cell phone. Their phone has a replaceable battery and a 128 GB micro sd.  Their phone has three options

UHD 3840X2160

Full HD 192X1080

HD 1280x720





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Full HD 192X1080 unless you can edit higher resolutions or your computer. Some devices have time restrictions on high res video or can cause heat issues filming for long periods of time.

higer res allows you to crop which effectively gives you zoom if final result is 1080p. not sure how close you'll be but your phone obviously has no optical zoom

you will still need to dub as no phone has a good mic

and for the love of God - hold the camera landscape

You're going to CHI?
PS card has to be SDHC at least - I use SDXC

And avoid any temptation to use the zoom on your phone.  It will look bad as soon as you play it back on anything but a phone sized screen.

And if the phone actually can record UHD for extended periods of time I would use that simply because it would let you drop to 1080p in the post production with 2x zoom in effect.

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