Just wondering what everyone's fave 3 releases have been.


Mine are:

No Nukes

Winterland bouble set

London Wenbley 1 June 1981 (I wa sthere that's why)


  Dream baby dream

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Yippieh!!! I love these "best of"-lists.   And I have spent the nights of the past two weeks reorganizing my "boots & official download"-collection, so here are some of my favorites...

1978-09-19 Passaic, NJ   (because I love the guitar intro here even more than the one in Winterland. Is it "better"? Maybe not, but I have watched the video countless times and it is the reason I bought a Telecaster some weeks ago...

1988-07-03 Stockholm, SE (bought at my first record fair. It was nice to hear it in full glory...)

2009-11-08 New York, NY & 2012-07-28 Gothenburg, SE (of course I shall not stick to simply three. My excuse? Because I was there. I missed the E Street Band in the past millenium and consider myself lucky to have seen these two shows at least...)

All kind wishes to all of you guys!

London 1981 my favourite.

Winterland second night

and both 77 shows.

(Love all from 75 to 88 shows but we already knew them from great recordings)

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