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23/08/1975YElectric Ballroom, Atlanta, GAER Archives Vol. 08 - Watch Out For The Monster Bag
12/09/1975YMunicipal Auditorium, Austin, TXER Archives Vol. 11
13/09/1975YMusic Hall, Houston, TXER Archives Vol. 09 - So Dark Tonight
02/10/1975YUptown Theater, Milwaukee, WIER Archives Vol. 06 - Somebody Tried to Blow Us Up Tonight
04/10/1975YMichigan Palace, Detroit, MIER Archives Vol. 13
16/12/1975YState University of New York, Oswego, NY ER Archives Vol. 02 - Prettier Oswego
17/12/1975YKleinhaus Music Hall, Buffalo, NYER Archives Vol. 03
28/03/1976YCameron Indoor Stadium, Duke University, Durham, NCER Archives Vol. 01
07/04/1976YAllen Theater, Cleveland, OHER Archives Vol. 04 
22/08/1976YSpringfield Civic Center, MAER Archives Vol. 12
26/05/1978YThe Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAER Archives Vol. 05
18/08/1978YThe Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAER Archives Vol. 07 - This, Is Not A Test


Someday's you're the statue, someday's the pigeon.

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